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Madrid 18.1.15 - Just in time for the Top4 Convention the Spanish version of our green book came out

Puchheim 4.3.15 - Amway Germany celebrates its 40th anniversary at the Amway Experience Center

At the end of the fiscal year we contact you again on our blog. This time from our house in the mountains, where we enjoy beautiful blue-white late summer days. Behind us is a trip to East Asia; ahead various birthdays, a convent in Madrid and two exciting guest speaker appearances in front of thousands of business partners in Mexico. We will promptly report about this - but no longer via blog, but on other, more modern social media. Our blog has become a little old-fashioned throughout the years, and with more and more business partners we already connect through other, more modern ways of communication for a long time. To join is quite easy for you: Follow our link to Facebook. In parting, we have garnished this last blog entry with photos of the for us most important events of the year. For the coming fiscal year, we wish you all the best and lots of success!

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Baeumenheim 1.4.15 - Dr. Peter MM's 75th birthday

Hanoi 3.-17.4.15 - Travelling to Vietnam

Bali 17.-24.4.15 - European Diamond Conference in Bali

Washington 2.-9.5.15 - Founders Conference at Washington's Mandarin Oriental

Madrid + Marbella 15.-20.5.15 - Two seminars in Spain

Kiev 5.-7.6.15 - Ukrainian WWD-Seminar

Nervation 7.-18.6.15 - European Leadership Training Seminars in Greece

Baeumenheim 2.8.15 - Eva MM's 70th birthday

Teipei 6.-12.8.15 - FAA 80 Recognition of Holly Chen & Barry Chi
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