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Review July

12.7.: At Lake Hintersee

10.7.: Ready for Rowing at Lake Thumsee

The month is going to its end. The summer weather allowed us to spend a lot of time in the mountains. Up there it was at least a bit cooler. Clearly we have been walking every day in the nature; we also had time for rowing. While not on the Silver Lake, but on Lake Thumsee and Lake Hintersee.

Although grown up in Bavaria, a big part of our family has moved to Berlin. Even for our children and grandchildren we allow ourselves now and then to stob by in the capital, but in this July, we had a special reason: Albert Hammond's Songbook Tour. Albert Hammond had his open-air concert in Leipzig on July 24th, and we wanted to join. Therefore it was a good opportunity to visit Berlin before! In addition we made in Berlin not only family, but participated in the training in the Amway Experience Center.

And the evening with Albert Hammond was just great and very moving for us. Do you know whose music has brought us together at a young age: Every night we had danced. And so he has somehow helped that on July 17th our 13th grandchild was born into this world: Stefan's son Mattheo Michael MM.

In everything concerning us, our business always plays a major role. Our thinking, costumes and action revolves around it. So it was a great pleasure to have our English, German and Swiss business partners not only in Amway's meeting in Munich, but also at our home in Baeumenheim during the subsequent weekend. And that was important: It is necessary to adapt to the great Double-Your-bonus program and prepare that all German and Swiss business partners will be provided with a unique growth opportunity. Also our Thai business partners immediately understood that when we met in Stuttgart last Sunday, and they have ambitiously set their goals for the coming months.

18.7.: BBQ with British ABOs at our terrace in Baeumenheim

18.7.: Weekend seminar at our place in Baeumenheim

20.7.: Family relaxation at a local beer garden

21.7.: With an organ grinder in downtown Berlin

22.7.: Training session in the Berlin Amway Center

24.7.: In front of Goethe's Monument in Leipzig

24.7.: 24.7.: Open Air Concert: Albert Hammond and Band in Leipzig I

24.7.: Open Air Concert: Albert Hammond and Band II

16.7.: Meeting with downline Thai ABOs in Stuttgart
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