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Ruhpolding 25.6.15 - Back at our mountain retreat

Ruhpolding 25.6.15 - At Lake Thumsee

Looking back, we have noticed that after the LTS on the Ionian Sea we were and still are staying at a lot of water. In the mountains, where we enjoy the summer as often as we can, we prefer walking around mountain lakes like the Lake Thumsee, Lake Frillensee and Lake Taubensee. Probably because such clear, shimmering water in the infernal heat of Bavaria gives at least an impression of coolness...

As grandson Frederic turned 18 years of age on June 28, we booked a weekend in Berlin to honor this so Important celebration for David's son with our presence. We were also able to inspect David's latest acquisition: His new Villa -guess where? - at Lake Wannsee. On David's real estate at the Wannsee also the BBQ was held in honor of Frederic’s birthday.

From Wannsee to Lake Starnberg. Namely, the EDAC Sales Subcommittee was held in early July at "La Villa", a fantastic resort on the lake. Although the weather had invited for swimming and boating pleasure, we held meetings extensively; the issue was important: It was about the incentives and inducements which Amway must provide to realize the ambitious 10-year goal of doubling the number of Platinums. We have not seen such a creative and constructive EDAC meeting for a long time. We are proud that many of our proposals we tabled for weeks can be realized in some ways. You may be curious, and we expect a real growth spurt, which opens into a steady growth path.

Lake Starnberg and its sights were enjoyed especially at meal times, which always took place open air if the weather was ok; rest of the time we had worked. Now we are back in our home in the mountains and ready to go to the next lake. We are thinking about rowing on Silver Lake...

Berlin 27.6.15 - 18 years old Frederic MM with his girlfriend

Berlin 28.6.15 - With son David in front of his estate at Lake Wannsee

Berlin 28.6.15 - With our granddaughter Maxi at Lake Wannsee

Berlin 29.6.15 - At the famous French Cathedral, ready for a shopping tour

Berlin 29.6.15 - Taking care of granddaughter Maxi during a shopping tour

Starnberg 30.6.15 - At La Villa’s dock at Lake Starnberg

Starnberg 30.6.15 - With Vice President Peter Strydom and his wife Fulvia at Lake Starnberg

Starnberg 1.7.15 - Lunch break during an EDAC session

Ruhpolding 4.7.15 - At Lake Frillensee, a protected Alpine area
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