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Three Weeks without Rain

23.4. - At the entrance of our resort in Desert Springs, an oasis in the Californian desert

23.4. - Walking throught the Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree

We are back again: since the middle of last week we are back in Baeumenheim. It was really time to get back: Mountains of mail and a variety of appointments were waiting for us. The last three weeks of the second major tour this year we spent in California. At the Los Angeles airport we immediately had rented a convertible and headed to Palm Desert, a palm-lined oasis in the Mojave desert, far from the bustle of the city, where we relaxed from the exciting and stimulating time in Mexico for a few days. Then we were ready for new adventures! We have a lot of friends and business partners in California. John & Pat Hendrickson for example. They were one of the first Crown Ambassador to the U.S., and our families have a long standing friendship. Who of you has been in the business for a longer period will certainly remember them as guest speakers at WWD events in Germany and the USA. We visited them in Villa Park for a few days. To talk with someone, who is so much longer in the business than us with our 38 years, is really worth a visit . We also met with our Top4 partner Leonard Kim in Laguna Beach. Dr. Sam Rehborg had invited us to his house, and his wife Francesca had personally prepared and served dinner for us. There was much to talk about: the 80-year anniversary of Nutrilite, the Orange County Marathon the previous day, but especially the upcoming Top 4 Convent in Moscow! But the real cause of our trip into the western U.S. moved inexorably closer: the Convention of the American Organization of FCA (77 FAA) Holly Chen & Berry Chi in Las Vegas, where we ought to be guest speaker. On the way to Las Vegas we took time for a special tour. It was always a dream of Dr. Peter to drive the famous Highway No. 1 along the California coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a convertible. Over a decade ago we had already started it and had to stop because of landslides and avalanches blocked the road. Now we had best weather and wer filled with happiness: the No. 1 was always free, and we took several days for it. Then it was time for Las Vegas: from Santa Cruz , a tremendous tour of several hundred miles across California to Nevada. But we made it effortless because we enjoyed the trip, and we were welcomed in Las Vegas at the "Wynn hotel" by so many friends. In Las Vegas Holly & Berry also announced the Top 4 event of the year in Moscow on June 14/15. They will all be there with their downline Crown Ambassadors, which are many. Also we - as well as our son David - are preparing hard for these Top 4 Spring Convention and hope to see many of you at this unique event again!

28.4. - Saying goodbye for some days to CA John and Pat Hendrickson

29.4. - All along Highway No. 1: at San Simeon point

1.5. - In the tower foyer of the Wynn hotel and casino

1.5. Visiting the new estate of DCA Holly Chen & Barry Chi in Las Vegas

2.5. - With DCA Holly Chen before our appearance in the Las Vegas convention center

2.5. - With Malaysian FCA Charlie Lee & Linda Ng at Las Vegas leadership conference

3.5. - Speaking at the Las Vegas Convention

5.5. - Dinner time at Dr. Sam Rehnborg's home with FCAs Dr. Wanbo & Joyce Shim and Leonard Kim (left of Dr. Sam)

7.5. At home an estate in blossom was awaiting us
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