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22.5.: Mexican Diamonds visiting our head office

24.5.: Mexican Diamonds visiting with us

We are back in our mountains, and the Midsummer Festival will be celebrated and fire will be let tonight on the surrounding peaks. Four weeks passed so quickly! We were pretty stressed: end of May the Latin American Diamond conference namely took place in Europe, and clearly our friends from Mexico and Brazil wanted to visit us necessarily, and not just at home in Ruhpolding and Baeumenheim but prefer that we show them what our beautiful country has to offer. In addition to that we had family visiting from Berlin, so our house was continuously full of laughter and life.

On the first weekend in June, we rushed to Ukraine, to Kiev to talk at the WWD-Seminar and the leadership meeting. After our Sunday appearance it went straight to the airport, back to Munich and from there immediately on to Kalamata, Greece. Our friends in Kiev were not angry because of our sudden departure as they knew that we would meet again a week later.

The three sessions of this year's European LTS finally were held in Costa Navarino again. Finally because we loved this place four years ago and we asked Amway repeatedly to go back there. And now, Amway had made it once again possible. No wonder that the mood was bombastic, both in Western Europe, as well as the Ukrainian session. And also we enjoyed the two weeks - both being together with our leaders as well as the beautiful surroundings, the luxurious resort, the beautiful weather and the (unfortunately) much too sumptuous meals, which we are now, back in Germany, have to work on again.

30.5.: With Maxima, our youngest granddaughter

5.6.: Reception committee at Kiev airport

6.6.: Thanks for our speech at the WWD-Seminar

8.6.: Navarino GR - With Manuela & Peter MM at the resort entrance

13.6.: Navarino, GR - Welcome dinner with Ukrainian ABOs

16.6.: Navarino, GR - Sundowner (with Regional President Samir Behl and his wife Seema)

17.6.: At Navarino Beach

Navarino, GR - View from our villa over the wetlands to the Ionian Sea

18.6.: Navarino, GR - Returning Home
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