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Viva Espana

16.5.: Having fun in Donwtown Madrid

16.5.: With Don Quichotte in Madrid

After the Founders Council in Washington our calendar allowed us five full days at home. Then we were on the road again, this time in Spain. First to Madrid to the Top4 weekend seminar. On Friday our Spanish business partners picked us up at the airport; since the seminar began only on Saturday, we had time for a stroll through the historic Madrid this time. For years we have been to Madrid again and again, but so far we have only seen our hotel and the event hall, before we had to leave. This time we explored Old Town, Cathedral and Royal Palace accompanied by Spanish and Mexican Diamonds. Also, we were lucky enough to enjoy a colorful procession in the "Calle Mayor" passing by.

The Top4 seminar was again very international, with participants from all parts of Spain, Latin America, England and Germany, and guest speakers from Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Germany. The translations also worked out excellent, and at the recognitions we were excited and delighted by how young our new Silver, Gold and Platinum ABOs appeared to us. All our Spanish organization has obviously rejuvenated by an entire generation in the last few years! So there is no need to be anxious about the future.

Some business partners have already heard of the Madrid Seminar from Eva at the last Webinar. At that time, however, we were already in Marbella. Because in Marbella our Mexican Double Diamond Lourdes Enriquez hold her traditional leadership meeting under the motto "Salud en casa" ("Health at home"), and we had promised her to stop by. That's what we did and we had fun doing it, because in addition to the meetings, there was also a social program that allowed us to take part in a sailing trip along the Costa del Sol. This is especially nice if you're among friends and like-minded people. Wednesday evening we were at home again and had a day time to prepare everything in Baeumenheim for the visit of our Mexican friends they had announced for the weekend.

16.5.: Going for a walk in Madrid

17.5.: Peter & Manuela MM with Colombian Diamond guest speakers

17.5.: On stage in Madrid

19.5.: With Mexican Double Diam. Lourdes Enriquez in Marbella

19.5.: Ready for a Catamaran excursion

19.5.: Sailing the Mediterranean with Mexican Diamond leaders

19.5.: At Marbella marina

19.5.: With Mexican leaders in Marbella

19.5.: With Double Diam. Lourdes Enriquez and her Maserati
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