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First to the Crimea, then off to America

FC Washington: With Amway Founder Rich DeVos

30.4.: Yalta - David MM with the birthday girl, our downline FCA Nataliya Yena

Last April and early May ran exciting, not only because everything followed one another so quickly. Our downline Founders Crown Ambassador Natalija Yena had invited to celebrate her 50th birthday in Yalta. Of course we could not say no. Too bad that we should already be in Washington DC two days later. So we met at night of April 30th in Yalta, woke up on this last April day with glorious sunshine and went to an extensive exploration tour with our Russian and Ukrainian friends. Our recent stay in the Crimea is now more than a decade back, and we wanted to know if everything is as beautiful as we had remembered. Well, the mountainous coastline remains nice but the quirrlige feel of a chic seaside is barely felt ... In the early evening Natalija's party began in the largest and most modern hotel of Yalta - an impressive dinner show, which was organized and disputed by her diamond organizations, and I have to say: Kudos to what talents lie in our organizations! Final highlight was Nataijas own appearance and a fireworks display, as Yalta had not seen for a long time.

On May 1, we were early at the airport, but unfortunately the clocks in Crimea tick somehow different. Our flight to Moscow took off four hours late, so we missed the connection to Munich, had to stay in Domodedovo and in the crack of dawn grab the first flight to Munich. We got that one, and so we were able to directly change the plane to the one for Washington, where we arrived late in the evening again. Falling from one time zone to another is tiring, but the luxuries that were offered by Amway in the "Mandarin Oriental", made up for much. We also had the joy to meet old friends and companions again, especially Rich and Helen DeVos, and of course our Top4 colleagues. On the edge of the Founders Council, we also prepared the next Top4 Convention in Taipei. Only our Russian organizations are already registered with more than fifty Platinum organizations. Wanting to double the number of Platinum organizations within 10 years was probably the most important decision of the Founders Council 2015 in Washington. To realize this together with you and your organizations is a concern for us.

30.4.: Yalta - Ready for the celebration: With Ex.Diam. S. & O. Martinov, Triple Diam. O. & I. Polyshchuk, David MM, and F. Diam. A. Kordon

31.4.: Yalta - Strolling through Yalta I

31.4.: Yalta - Strolling through Yalta II

31.4.: Yalta - View from our hotel suite

4.5.: FC Washington: With Amway co-founder Rich DeVos and his wife Helen

6.5.: FC Washington: Kayaking the Potomac river

7.5.: FC Washington: With Amway president Doug DeVos and Mrs. Anette Beiderwieden in front of the Smithsonian Castle

7.5.: FC Washington: Top4 conference (f.l.t.r.: Leonard Kim, Barry Chi, Kaoru Nakajima, Eva & Dr. Peter MM, Holly Chen)

8.5.: FC Washington: Treatment in a local nail studio
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