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On the road again - part 1

26.3. St. Petersburg - Group meeting in our office

27.3.: St. Petersburg - in a local Amway Store

After one month being at home, it was time to get back on track. Russia is our biggest market, and Maya & David as well as our groups waited impatiently for us in St. Petersburg. The next day we went straight on to Yekaterinburg. There - beyond the Urals, where Europe ends and Asia begins - a weekend seminar with over 1500 participants took place and we were announced as the main attraction. Although it was sunny but bitterly cold, the atmosphere was bombastic.

Soon we returned home to Baeumenheim to celebrate Dr. Peters’ 75th birthday with the inner circle of the family. But with all the children and grandchildren and their various partners even this circle had an impressive size ... At this point we would like to thank you from our hearts for the congratulations that arrived on April 1, across all medias with us. Nice to know to have so many friends around the world!

Two days later we went on our first big trip this year facing Far East. First to Vietnam. Most of our Diamond organizations are located in the south of this big, long-stretched and by the way beautiful country. So we went up north to help them building the business in the area of Hanoi. Apart from a large rally in the ballroom of the Pullman Hotel Hanoi our days were filled with opportunity meetings, group meetings, motivation and training of our growing personal group. We also got to know the specifics of Vietnamese cuisine thoroughly. Only once Dr. Peter took some time to satisfy his historical interest by visiting the Military History Museum.

Please see part 2 in the next blog-entry...

27.3.: Yekaterinburg - on stage

29.3.: Yekaterinburg - in a traditional restaurant

1.4.: Back home - a little rest before opening the presents

1.4.: Home - with all our seven children (f.l.t.r. Peter, Birgit, Daniel, David, Michaela, Susan & Stefan)

9.4.: Hanoi - Downtown Dinner with Downlines

11.4.: Hanoi - getting a present after our speech

13.4.: Hanoi - before dinner in a typical Vietnamese restaurant

14.4.: Hanoi - Open Air Questions and Answers

15.4.: Hanoi - with frontline in front of the Military History Museum
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