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10.3.: EDAC Spring Session, Munich: With downline Triple Diamonds Inna & Oleg Polishchuk from Ukraine

11.3.: EDAC Spring Session, Munich: Participants

Some things happen unexpectedly. In the second week of March, we met in Munich for the EDAC Spring Convention. In the daily newspaper in the hotel I found a report on the current situation in the Crimea. A few years ago we had held a week-long seminar there in Yalta with Ukrainian and Russian leaders. Son David and grandson Frederic MM had been with us at that time. I said to Eva: "Do you remember when we were in Yalta? Also a place where we will never go back again." You should never say never! Ironically, at the EDAC farewell dinner we were told that we all shall meet in Yalta at the end of April. It is to honor a downline Crown Ambassador. Sometimes unexpected things happen.

Other things are forgotten easily, and this entirely unjustified. It has long been a mystery to us that while many people are getting registered, and that the slogan of the generation without boss really pushes the business, but though the orders - especially the first ones - are totally neglected. On the third weekend in March we were in Nuremberg at Amway's "Business for you", not only to be inspired by Nina Ruge, but especially to meet with business partners from southern Germany. During the Amway Exhibition, and we were discussing about the lack of volumes, a long-time business partner said: "We have no problem at all. Everybody gets a tray with products.“ We looked dismayed at him. Indeed: Anybody who has to think about it, any no-sayers had received a tray with products to try in the early days. In our own book „How to build the business", we had described it accurately by ourselves. How could all this be forgotten? - We have now immediately started to get the trays back into our personal group, and it works! We can only recommend you to do the same. As our Downline Maria Schleipfer said in Nuremberg: "Even an old hymnal has beautiful songs …"

Whether we are in Baeumenheim or Ruhpolding, our thoughts are always about the people in this business. What can we do to lead them to success? We can walk for an hour through the countryside and just talk about people and their potential. Today our business leads us via St. Petersburg and Moscow to Yekaterinburg. The Amway business even works beyond the Urals!

15.3.: Nuremberg: With TV presenter Nina Ruge

15.3.: Nuremberg: Shop talk at the Amway Expo

15.3.: Nuremberg: With CA Renate Backhaus and our downline Thai leader

15.3.: Nuremberg - the business for you

16.3.: Enjoying early spring: Snowdrops at our estate

18.3.: Back at our mountain retreat

18.3.: Early spring at Inzell valley

20.3.: Walking around lake Thumsee

20.3.: Coffee break at lake Thumsee
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